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What We Do

Communities Rise works with organizations, small businesses and communities located in Washington state that have been impacted by systemic oppression to increase capacity and build power. We recognize the strength and resilience in our communities and offer support through peer learning, coaching, and legal services and trainings. We also work with community leaders in the broader nonprofit, public, and philanthropic sectors to create systemic change.

Our Approach

We support community-formed agendas, prioritizing the voices of communities most impacted by systemic oppression and working to be responsive and accountable to them. By valuing community voices, prioritizing racial equity, and leading by example, we aim to build trust, power, and strength in our communities.

We offer sustainable tools, trainings, and support to small and midsize nonprofits and microenterprises so that they can increase their capacity and thrive over time. Recognizing a need for connection and healing conversations, we also hold a space for collective learning and collaboration.

We bring together leaders who are working to change how money flows and how power is distributed. We foster connections between community leaders and philanthropic institutions and advocate for change in the nonprofit, public, and philanthropic sectors.


  • Attorney / Pro-Bono
  • Grant writing & Fundraising

Funding Partners

  • Technical Assistance to funders on Equitable Funding
  • Delta Vision