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Succession Planning Toolkit

We put together this Succession Planning Toolkit to help you navigate the ins and outs of succession planning for your business with ease.

There are four parts to the Succession Planning Toolkit:

  1. Introduction to the Succession Planning Toolkit, which explains how to use the toolkit.
  2. Part A. Succession Planning Checklist – The Checklist has key questions and explanations of things you need to consider.
  3. Part B. Succession Planning Information Summary – The Information Summary summarizes the relevant legal concepts in Corporate Business area and Estate Planning area that impacts succession planning.
  4. Succession Planning Worksheet – The Worksheet is designed to help you organize the information you need to create a succession plan.

This Succession Planning Toolkit is the result of a collaboration between City of Seattle Office of Economic Development, Perkins Coie, The Apex Law Group and Communities Rise. We would like to thank the City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development for their partnership and resources to create this Toolkit. We would also like to thank the following attorneys who graciously provided their time and knowledge to create the content of this Toolkit:

  • Nisha Nariya, Perkins Coie
  • Peter Smith, Apex Law Group
  • Tara Vitale, Apex Law Group
  • Scott Wallace, Perkins Coie

The Succession Planning Toolkit as a whole document can be found here.