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Washington Nonprofit Handbook

The Washington Nonprofit Handbook is a resource manual on the legal requirements for nonprofits in Washington State. It is designed for attorneys and individuals without legal expertise.

Washington Nonprofit Handbook 2018 Edition - How to Form & Maintain a Nonprofit Corporation in Washington State

Table of Contents

  1. There Are Many Ways To Do Good in the World
  2. How to Form a Nonprofit
  3. Governance and Operations
  4. Obtaining Recognition as a Code Section 501(c)(3) organization
  5. Maintaining Federal Tax-Exempt Status for Your 501(c)(3)
  6. International Activities and Grantmaking
  7. Fundraising: Key Compliance Considerations
  8. Washington State Taxes and Nonprofit Corporations
  9. Fiscal Sponsorships, Joint Ventures and Other Collaborations
  10. Employment Issues
  11. Intellectual Property Considerations
  12. Personal Information Security and Online Privacy Issues for Nonprofit Organizations
  13. Financial
  14. Ceasing Operations

The Washington Nonprofit Handbook, 2018 Edition was published in July 2018.