For information and resources see our COVID-19 Support Page. If your small business or nonprofit needs COVID-19 related legal or capacity building help, contact us.

Resources for Small Businesses

This page provides information and resources for small businesses. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to connect you with additional resources.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note the resources below are for reference purposes only. An organization should always consult and tailor this information to the organization’s needs. If you need a consultation with an attorney or subject matter expert, depending on eligibility, we may be able to help by providing you with one (that’s what we do).

Build Your Own Business (BYOB)

This toolkit is a set of resources Communities Rise has created for entrepreneurs who are starting businesses in Washington.

Commercial Lease Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to provide key, easy-to-understand information for small businesses about common terms or sections of a typical commercial lease.

Succession Planning Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to help small business owners plan for retirement and passing on or selling your business. This Toolkit will explain legal concepts, lay out the questions you will need to consider and provides a worksheet to gather the information you will need to create a succession plan.

Lease Amendment Toolkit

This video and supplementary materials can help your small business or nonprofit navigate the process of re-negotiating or potentially ending a lease due to reduced revenue/operating income from the COVID crisis.

COVID-19 Resources

Communities Rise is providing a range of resources and support for organizations and small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Please check out these pages for more information about what you can find on our website or how you access additional support.