For information and resources see our COVID-19 Support Page. If your small business or nonprofit needs COVID-19 related legal or capacity building help, contact us.

Resources for Nonprofit and Community-Based Organizations

This page provides guides, sample policies, state compliance resources, and checklists for nonprofits and community-based organizations of all sizes. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to connect you with additional resources.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note the resources below are for reference purposes only. An organization should always consult tailor this information to their specific needs. If you need consultation with an attorney or subject matter expert, we may be able to help provide you with one (that’s what we do).

Full Toolkits

Communities Rise has created, or partnered with additional organizations to create, full toolkits on a range of nonprofit subjects.

COVID-19 Resources

Communities Rise is providing a range of resources and support for organizations and small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. Please check out these pages for more information about what you can find on our website or how you access additional support.

Founding Documents and Templates

Governance & Organizational Policies

Employment & Human Resources

Intellectual Property


Additional Services & Resources from Partner Orgs

  • 501Commons offers great board trainings and nonprofit leadership forums geared towards executive directors, board members, and potential board members.
  • Washington Nonprofits (WN) is a Washington state-wide nonprofit association. WN offers trainings for nonprofits on a variety of topic areas throughout the state and online.
  • Ventures is a nonprofit serving individuals in the Puget Sound region of Washington State that provides low-income business owners with training and education in areas of sales, marketing, finance and operations. Communities Rise partners with Ventures to put on monthly legal clinics for small business owners.
  • BIPOC Executive Directors Coalition of Washington State (BIPOC EDs), a coalition created in 2020 to advocate for equitable funding to BIPOC communities and to create space for healing and wellness.
  • Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory for nonprofit specialists, tools and best practices, featured trainings, a venues map, and more.
  • List of additional capacity builder organizations
  • Delta Vision Project. The Delta Vision is a collaboration of BIPOC led and serving capacity building organizations working on creating a supportive network of capacity building services for BIPOC led and serving community organizations in Washington and working together to address inequities in the nonprofit sector. The Delta Vision researched and authored a “Paper of Color” on capacity building for BIPOC led and serving organizations.
    • Delta Vision Project – Building Capacity for Communities of Color (2018) Full Report
    • Delta Vision Project – Building Capacity for Communities of Color (2018) Executive Summary