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Build Your Own Business

Build Your Own Business in colorful text

Build Your Own Business or “BYOB” is a set of resources Communities Rise has created for entrepreneurs who are starting businesses in Washington. BYOB includes three short videos and a legal curriculum kit on legal topics for new businesses. 

It consists of three trainings videos.  Click on the links to access the videos and Kits:

  1. Introduction to BYOB – This short video explains what BYOB includes.
  2. Starting Your Own Business – This short video explains the top 5 considerations you need to think about when staring your own business.  The Starting Your Own Business Kit, includes written materials and links to resources.
  3. Business Tax Basics – This short video explains the basics of State and Local taxes in Washington State for small businesses. The Business Tax Basics Kit includes written materials and links to resources.

Thank you to our volunteers Kelly Lawton, Jeffrey Hamilton, and Chance Laboda, for researching, designing and producing the BYOB videos and kit materials.  Kelly, Jeffrey and Chance were Seattle University Law Students when they created this project.  Special thank you to Jason Barnwell, who came up with the idea of this project and provided his wisdom  and guidance on the project.