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GiveBIG to Wayfind on May 6, 2014!

It’s time to GiveBIG to Wayfind.  GiveBIG day is on May 6, 2014.  With every donation to Wayfind made on May 6, 2014 through Wayfind’s profile page on The Seattle Foundation website, The Seattle Foundation will stretch-match it with a GiveBIG pooled fund.

In the past all donations made on GiveBIG were stretched about 10%.  So your donation of $100 will get Wayfind $110.  So please give to Wayfind on GiveBIG day – May 6, 2014.  All you have to do is go to the Wayfind profile page on The Seattle Foundation website, and make your donation.

A Note on our name change: As you know Wayfind recently changed it’s name from WAACO or Washington Attorneys Assisting Community Organizations. Changing our name on websites and banking documents is a cumbersome process.  You may see WAACO or Wayfind on some of the GiveBIG pages or receipts.  We apologize for the confusion.  It’s safe to make a donation to Wayfind or WAACO through the Seattle Foundation website.  All donations made to either Wayfind or WAACO will come to us.