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Let’s Go Legal – Webinar

June 8, 2022 | 10:00 am  –  11:30 pm


Let’s Go Legal covers the five main topics board members need to know: State Law, Federal Law, Fundraising, Employment, and Intellectual Property. Let’s Go Legal shows how your organization is like a car. You need to register it with the state, driving on federal roads involves an additional set of rules, you need fuel to move your car forward (that’s the money part), the people in the car matter, and the look and feel of your car make it special. It covers what you need to know about each of these topics and provides an easy checklist to make sure your organization covers it all.

We will take some deeper dives into nonprofit law topics along the way: by-laws and how to use them to strengthen your board practice, advocacy and ways to grow your mission within the public sector.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is designed for nonprofit board members or staff interested in nonprofit law basics. It is appropriate for organizations with or without staff.



We will have automated captioning enabled.


Please indicate during registration language interpretation request.

Visual Descriptions

Presenters will include visual descriptions of themselves and slides. This helps give a person who is low-vision, blind or even someone calling without video a sense of space and place.

Hosted in partnership with the Washington Secretary of State’s Office and Washington Nonprofits.