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COVID-19 Lease Amendment Toolkit

In partnership with the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development and Perkins Coie, we are proud to provide this COVID-19 Lease Amendment Toolkit (“Toolkit”) for small businesses and nonprofits to use during this pandemic.  This Toolkit is designed to provide information and template documents to help small businesses and nonprofit navigate the negotiation of their rent situation under their commercial leases with their landlords.   

The COVID-19 Lease Amendment Toolkit includes a video and the following supplementary materials (linked at the bottom of the page):

  • How To Use this Lease Amendment Toolkit (Slide deck that explains how to use this Toolkit)
  • Summary of WA State and City of Seattle Moratorium, Proclamations on Commercial Real Estate.
    • This Summary provides information about Washington State, King County and City of Seattle proclamations, moratoriums, policies and ordinance regarding commercial leases during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Webinar – Guidance for Tenants During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Template (Sample) documents that you can edit to make it fit your particular situation:
    • Lease Amendment Template
    • Lease Termination Agreement Template
    • Letter to Landlord (short) Template
    • Letter to Landlord (long with options) Template

If you are a small business or nonprofit with 50 employees or less and would like to meet with a lawyer for a free 60-minute consultation to help you with your Covid-19 related lease questions, request an appointment here.

The Guidance for Tenants During the Coronavirus Pandemic video (60 minutes) is a recorded webinar presented by Perkins Coie attorneys presents legal information on the how to manage the current Covid-19 situation where small businesses and nonprofits are unable to pay rent during this pandemic and prepare for when they can resume paying rent and paying back the back rent they owe.

Toolkit Materials:

Thank you to City of Seattle Office of Economic Development for sponsoring this Lease Amendment Toolkit and to the law firm of Perkins Coie and Perkins Coie Attorneys Nathan Fahrer, Aaron Holloway and Jessica Cohen for sharing their legal knowledge and preparing the toolkit materials.